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Andrea Martin is a Brooklyn-based artist and writer. Both her visual and written work are intended to inspire a moment of connection, the desire to move towards life with curiosity, and the opportunity to come into meaningful presence.

Hannah is the founder of Creatrix. She has been inspired by years of being in women's groups/workshops, a peer-led women's writing group, a background in theatre arts, and training in Core Energetics (a body-based psychotherapy). She is committed to living a more creative life and is currently splitting her time between New York and New Mexico.

What keeps me out of my creativity? "The voice that says I'm not good enough. Fear of 1) that nothing will show up and 2) that, if it does, I will be overwhelmed. Resistance to life - my huge, fat gigantic "NO!" to creating anything. Fear of external rejection and the brutal internal rejection of self. Laziness. Comparison."

"I create because of those rare and exquisite moments when something from the other side comes through and I feel divine presence. I create so that you will know me - I want to be known. I create because otherwise I hold everything inside. I create because I like using my hands; because it feels good and fills me up."

I am a Boomer, conceived after my father returned from military duties in France at the end of WWII. The word Boomer curls my toes. Boom means a lot of things... for me it is a sound, of a specific boom brought about by a specific bomb, conceived in my own New Mexico neighborhood. I hope that particular boom will never be heard again.

I see that the recent WWI commemoration in France infected my bio. I veer to the positive. I am very excited to see my creativity bloom with all the members of this great new gallery. I find that creating does mute the disturbing noise and soften the aches and pains of body and soul: creativity conceives beauty in all its forms.

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